My experience with full-time painting began in 2012. During this period, I was experimenting with the versatility in techniques. Looking at my work you can see my paint applications range from thin to thick, opaque to translucent, matte to glossy, and smooth to scratched. In those years, I mostly made my creations using acrylic paint. In 2018, when I was in the International Artist’s Residence in Chateau d’Orquevaux in France, I had a huge studio and was able to create large oil paintings. Since then, I’ve been mostly working with oil. During 2012-2019 l was accepting commissions, creating a cycle of 56 paintings for a hotel in Oregon; doing shows from Solo in Museum, New York Expo, Spectrum Miami, and SOFA Chicago; as well as street art festivals. Nearly every one of my paintings from this time period has been sold. You’ll find them located around the world. To find out where you can see them, check out the map on my website!

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